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Self defence classes in London


Here you will find some of the questions that we get asked on a regular basis

Do you run courses ?

Unfortunately not, we don't believe a short course or even 6 - 8 week course is the right way to deliver the type of training we offer. 

While you may be able to learn some 'basic' techniques from a short course, problems are forever changing and our training must allow for such changes.

Do you have a grading system ?

Yes, The Krav Maga Club London is part of the The Krav Maga Club organisation. 

The Krav Maga Club is renown for its high standards and we follow the curriculum set out by TKMC HQ.

Gradings are held in-house with an external examiner coming in to test the students.

Do you do pay as you go ?

Unfortunately not, our instructors invest a lot of time on & off the mats developing training programs and creating fantastic lessons. If someone is dropping in occasionally and expecting the same level of attention as one of the our dedicated students is not really fair.

If you're serious about training you will understand our reasons for this.

How long until I become a ninja?

First of all we teach self defence and not ninjitsu.

Like anything we do in life, the more you put in the better you will become.

Now whilst we have a grading system we don't preach too much about this. At The Krav Maga Club we teach people the skills they need to be safe and protect themselves and their loved ones. The more training that you do the more krav maga you will see and become proficient you will become.

How much is it ?

We offer a few training packages and at your trial class our instructor will chat with you and help asses your training needs & goals. 

From there they will discuss costs with you.

We really want people to see the type of training we do and meet our fantastic students, and you can experience this by booking you're trial class today.

Should I get fit first before starting Krav Maga?

It doesn't matter what shape or size you are, our training incorporates fitness into every class.

Our mission is to increase your fitness and stamina along with your mobility, all this while also teaching you vital self defence skills to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Still unsure? Book a trial class today and our friendly team will guide you through a class at your own pace.

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