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Who We Are?

About Us 


This is the bit where we are supposed to say something like, We are the original, the baddest, the biggest most authentic Krav Maga school EVER!! 


We are not like the other self defence/martial arts clubs out there. The Krav Maga Club was set up to help people achieve their goals in learning how to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

We have done away with the 'ego' driven atmosphere that surrounds most self defence/martial arts club.  Instead you will be greeted by like minded people who are there to help each other.

The Krav Maga Club prides itself on the community it has built and has been operating in London since 2015 & now in 2024 we are pleased to be able to offer classes in Essex.

At The Krav Maga Club you will find instructors that are there to help you with whatever it is you want to get out of the training, everyone has their own training goals and learning styles. Our friendly team will be able to assist you in pushing you to achieve that goal.

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